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I’ve started a writing factory like James Patterson. Now I just write an outline, and pay hamsters to write the book. Sunflower seeds are much cheaper than royalties.

Hamster on laptop

Houdini on the pumpkin

Happy Halloween from Houdini Hamster…

Tufty by the wheel.

Tufty in the travel cage.

New Hamster has now become Tufty Bear, or Tufty for short, mostly because her long hair makes her look like a bear, and the longer tufts on her butt and behind her ears. For a while, we had to keep her in the small travel cage, because, any time we put her in the big cage, she’d climb up onto the balcony and jump off. However, we eventually decided we should remove the balcony and hammock so she could just live in the bottom. That seems to have calmed her down somewhat, and we don’t often see her performing acrobatics.

Yes, that is spaghetti. I’ve never found a hamster who wouldn’t drop most of their other foods for a piece of spaghetti, and have no idea why.

The corner table by the sofa in our living room is like the North-West Passage to hamsters. They’re all determined to find a way through there in their exercise ball, even though it’s the corner where we dump all the stuff that we want to get out of the way temporarily and there’s no gap large enough to fit through.

If we don’t hear them running for a few minutes and can’t find them, they’re usually stuck somewhere under the table.

New Hamster is settling in, so I actually have some time to do more writing again :).

Distracted from writing for the moment by the arrival of a new hamster!

Hoodie looking around a box

Playing hide and seek

Unfortunately he passed away this weekend. He seemed perfectly fine on Thursday, running around the house, then on Friday he was dragging one foot behind him, and this morning he was very poorly.

From what the vet said, it looks like the growth found in April suddenly caught up with him and was pressing on the nerves in his abdomen. He was still trying to follow his old routines, like walking over to his food bowl and leaning on it to check for good stuff, as though he didn’t realise his back feet weren’t working. I guess if the growth interfered with his nerves, he wouldn’t be able to tell.

I shall miss having him sitting on the sofa, washing, sleeping or just hanging out, while I’m writing.

Houdini and Cake

Houdini made 2

Houdini the hamster reached two years old; none of the others we’ve had ever quite made it to that age, but so far he still seems to be going strong.

And no, we only let him lick the cake, not eat it :). He’s probably at least half-way to being diabetic just from being a two year old hamster.

He’s definitely more sleepy than he was a year ago, but he’s still running around the house in his ball and running in his wheel at night when we put him back. He’s also learned to knock the webcam off his cage if we put it there to spy on him.