Archive for July 14th 2011

Horror Movie is progressing again with a couple of thousand words completed tonight, though I don’t think I’ll quite make the plan of having a complete first draft by the end of the month.

I’m a bit burned out on Uncle Howard’s House and wanted a break before finishing the fourth draft and sending it out to some readers. Horror Movie is an idea I’ve had lying around in my list for years and I knocked together about 20,000 words in my spare time on a business trip to Holland earlier this year, but then put it aside while I worked through Uncle Howard’s House.

The story was inspired by my experiences of working on indie movies in England, it’s a horror comedy about a group of people who go to make a horror movie and run into some real horrors. Yeah, not the most original idea in the history of literature, but I think it will be a little different to any previous version that I’m aware of.

And on the positive side I have the title and have a rough cover, so that side is pretty much covered once I get there.