Archive for July 29th 2011

Crapness seems to abound in ebook software. I’m running the Kindle software on my PC since I don’t own a real Kindle and while it’s far from great so far it’s been tolerable.

Today though I got a popup to tell me ‘Version 1.6.1 is available’. So I told it to remind me later. About one minute later I got another popup to tell me it was available, so I told it to remind me later. About a minute later I got another one, etc.

So I told it to download. While it was downloading it continued telling me that there was a new version available. I don’t care! I’m downloading it! Stop telling me!

But then it got stuck at 99% and I had to kill the process. So I downloaded it manually and installed it, thinking that would solve the problem.

Ha-ha. Now when I start up the Kindle software it tells me that version 1.6.1 is available and asks if I want to download it. Even though I have 1.6.1 installed. Even though when I go to the ‘About’ box it says 1.6.1 is installed.

Oops, and after I told it to ignore that update, now it’s not even starting up.

Why can’t software developers do something as simple as prompting for and installing an update without making a colossal mess of it?