Archive for August 23rd 2011

I was wondering why my laptop was thrashing the disk for several minutes after logging into Ubuntu 11.04, and I finally managed to track down the culprit. It’s more junk that Gnome is installing to be ‘user-friendly’ by tracking everything we do on the system, which for some reason is performing a lot of disk updates every time you log in.

Surely by now everyone should know that logging in is the very worst time to be performing disk-intensive operations? I’m logging in to do something useful and don’t want to be forced to wait while some crappy program checks for updates, deletes outdated files or writes lots of stuff to a database.

Anyway, this problem is easily solved:

sudo apt-get remove zeitgeist-datahub

Reboot and as if by magic your desktop will be usable almost as soon as it appears.

I really am going to have to switch to xfce soon if Gnome continues down the path they’re following.