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First review is up at Sift Reviews: Blood Skies by Steven Montano.

I should probably mention that initially I was accepting most stories that looked interesting, but now I have a backlog of several months I have to be far more choosy. So turning a submission down doesn’t mean that I think it sucks, just that it’s not my kind of book.

My pre-Nano interview is up at:

Blog Party for Edward M. Grant

Tunnelers is a few hundred words behind schedule, but I have the long weekend to catch up and move ahead; perhaps it’s apt that I’m writing a WWI novel on Rememberance Day. It’s an interesting experience, I’m basing it on another old unfinished screenplay and finding a ton of problems with that version as I go along; not least the fact that most of the middle is missing. I’m using Nano to rough out a first draft, then I’m going to break that down to an outline, fix that up and rewrite it.