Archive for March 24th 2012

Normally I can delete any spam comments using my normal login, so I’d been searching the web for a few days to determine why I had four comments that I couldn’t select form the dashboard because there was no tick box next to them and none of the normal options to tag them as spam.

Today I finally discovered that I could only do that if I was logged into the administrator account rather than my own. They were posted to the ‘about’ page which is presumably owned by that account.

Just thought I’d mention this in case anyone else out there is confused by inexplicable WordPress behaviour.

This is embarrassing:

Of course the most embarrassing part is that Americans had to wait for foreign media to point out what a disaster their President is.

Sadly, the potential Republican candidates don’t look any better. As with the Tories in the UK, when faced with the worst President or Prime Minister in decades, the opposition decide to offer someone even worse.

I wish I knew why Youtube embedding no longer works in WordPress when it worked fine a few months ago.