Archive for May 5th 2012

Firefox is annoying me. It was a great alternative to Internet Explorer over the last few years but since they decided they were going to force new releases on users, remove useful UI elements and/or move menu options around with every new release it’s really been going downhill. I used 3.6 at work for years until it was recently flagged obsolete and every version since has been worse.

Somewhere in the last month or two it’s developed an annoying habit of jumping to the end of a web page when I load it, which is about as stupid as you can get when reading a web forum or similar site where all the posts are at the top and just some advertising crap at the bottom. I can’t see any reason why it does this or any way to stop it.

About the only reason I continue to use Firefox is because of the ‘no script’ addon. While away on business recently I was using Chrome and I couldn’t imagine dealing daily with the amount of advertising and other junk on the web today.