Archive for June 24th 2012

It’s a strange place.

Do the sales people get commission? They certainly don’t seem eager to sell anything to anyone.

I spent about forty minutes on Friday playing with the tablets, and not once did anyone come over and ask if I needed any help. I didn’t really need them to, but I would at least like to have found out whether the iPad I’d examined was an iPad 2 or 3.

When I did eventually decide I wanted to buy an Asus Transformer and asked one of the staff where I’d find the version with the keyboard (they only had the tablet model on display) he assured me that they don’t stock that model. So that was that.

Except the next day I checked on the web site and it said that they not only stock that model but they had it in stock. I phoned them and checked, then dropped in to buy one as I was driving past later in the day.

The same guy assured me they still didn’t sell them, but after pointing out that their computer system said they did, he checked the shelf and found four of them.

Which seemed like a win until I got mine home and opened the box. Instead of a pristine new tablet I immediately noticed a lot of fingerprints on the screen. Clearly someone had used it before I bought it and then it had been shrink-wrapped again.

Since the only thing I could find that they had done was check their epost email, I just did a factory wipe and continued using it, but I wasn’t exactly impressed by them selling me a used tablet as though it was new. I wouldn’t normally buy from them but they were the only store in town where I could find the Transformer for sale, so it was either that or order from Amazon and wait a week.