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The Carbon Cover

A tale of lesbians, monkeys and global warmingcooling…

The Carbon is done, it just needs a bit of tweaking and a cover before it’s released. It’s the first story in my 2070 universe, which is odd because it’s actually set in the 25th century, long after the main events of the novels I’m writing.

I was aiming to join the 52 Shades of Short Stories challenge and write a story a week, but I think I’ll end up with at most one every two weeks. Still, it’s a good motivation to get more finished.

I’m also trying a new look with the cover, more of a traditional book style. We’ll see how that does.

It’s now up on Smashwords. It’s free in the Smashwords sale for the next week, then it will revert to the normal price and I’ll upload it to Amazon.