Archive for May 25th 2013

I’ve been testing out the Linux Mint 15 release candidate today and it looks pretty neat. Having Gnome back is definitely an improvement over the various annoyances I’ve had to live with in XFCE. Since I no longer use my laptop for Windows games I’m planning to replace the hard drive with an SSD shortly so Mint will probably replace Ubuntu at the same time unless I run into any show-stopper issues.

Of course if Ubuntu would officially support MATE (the Gnome 2 fork) I wouldn’t have to…

If you’re running Linux and wondering where all your disk space has gone, check the Wine temporary directories under C:/windows. I was almost out of space, and deleting all the junky temporary files freed up eight gigabytes.

Aside from wasting huge amounts of screen space compared to the old version and being a tabletised Windows 8 mess where they have to put text on the screen to tell you where to type because putting boxes around text fields is so old-fashioned, it also makes Firefox suck up 50% of the CPU on Ubuntu. I’d noticed the laptop was running hot and ‘top’ showed 50% CPU usage in Firefox, but no window seemed to be doing anything that would use up a lot of CPU, like playing animated ads. Eventually, after closing tab after tab, I closed the one to hotmail, and, lo, the CPU usage vanished.

I’ve no idea what the stupid site is doing, but just leaving the inbox window open seems to cause massive CPU usage. Fortunately I hardly use hotmail any more, so I can just open it when I have to, but it’s another example of the horrors of Windows 8.

DDR RAM prices are going insane. Around Christmas I paid $75 for 16GB of DDR3-1600 for my new games PC. Last week the same RAM from the same store was $119, and today it’s $130.

Guess if you need more memory it’s time to either buy before it gets worse, or wait it out and hope it gets better later in the year.