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‘Unfortunately DMClient has stopped. Press OK to continue.’

I don’t care. I have no idea what DMClient is. Why should I care that it’s stopped? Is this a bad thing? Why does my Transformer have to tell me this every couple of minutes and lock the screen until I press OK? What disaster would unfold if I didn’t press OK?

You just have to love untested bug reporting dialog boxes that cause more problems for the user than whatever problem they’re actually reporting.

For the record, this advice seemed to solve it:

Transformer Forums

Clear the DMClient cache and data and reboot and now it no longer complains.

While we’re on the subject of downloads, why is it that the instant I turn the tablet on, it goes off and starts downloading megabytes and megabytes of app updates from the web and sucks up all the network bandwidth to do so? Don’t you think that when I turn the tablet on, it’s probably because I’m planning to… drum roll… do something useful, and therefore want to be able to run things that need network bandwidth, like the web browser?

Windows was always moronic with every piece of crap little program wanting to check for updates at startup, when the hard drive is thrashing just trying to load all those piece of crap programs. Android appears to have adopted a similarly stupid design philosophy.