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Spaceship cover

Petrina cover

Petrina has now been submitted at Createspace and Amazon, so both e-book and paperback versions should appear in the next day or so. The last month of formatting and proofreading has been a long slog, but I learned a lot about how to do it more efficiently in future.

One of the biggest issues is Libreoffice’s formatting, where you can both apply a style and directly format, and it remembers the direct formatting even if you change the style. This then causes problems when you convert to an e-book, because it looks fine in the word processor, but then you discover you’ve accidentally set a few lines in the book to the same font as the text style, so the rest of the text scales as the user selects different text sizes, but those particular lines always stay at a fixed size. The only way to track it down is by grepping for font-size and similar HTML commands in the generated file, then tracking down those lines and fixing them in the original document.

In future I’m going to use styles for everything, and then use the writer2xhtml command that strips all formatting; that should eliminate any such problems.