Archive for August 3rd 2013

Looks like it may have peaked at #1049 in free books and #42 in free SF on; it’s started to drop back now.

Not so bad, but I’d hoped to at least get into the top thousand; not so easy in a genre less popular than romance and thrillers.

Yes, Tartarus is gone for now. Not because it’s a bad novel per se — it just got its first review at four stars — but in the long term I want to make it part of a series and that means a major rewrite so the style and voice will be consistent with the rest of the series. The story will remain basically the same.

Every day I left it up made changing things harder as more people read it.

In the morning, Petrina is up to #43 in free SF and #4 in free hard SF. Wonder whether that’s the peak or it will continue climbing? It’s a shame Amazon don’t show the free rank on the Author Central site, so I can’t tell whether it was higher at any point overnight.

Is now up to #49 in free SF books on and #5 in free hard SF books. I’ll be interested to see where it is in the morning…