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My entry in Konrath’s challenge to write, format and upload an e-book in eight hours is available now, even though it didn’t get onto his blog post for some reason; I suspect my emails hit a spam filter somewhere. It’s free for this weekend, and has had a few hundred downloads already; I even broke into the French market, where I’ve never been able to give away a book before, let alone sell one.

It’s another story in the same universe as Final Contact, and now I’m expanding that I think I’m going to be writing quite a few. I already have the first scene of the next story written, though it’s likely to be a novella rather than a short.

Peru is in a state of emergency due to unusually low temperatures and heavy snow:

Fortunately, unlike unusually warm periods, this is only weather and not climate. Because if the planet’s temperature was to drop a few degrees, that would really, really suck.