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Here’s an interesting site. Enter an Amazon ASIN book ID, and it shows which books are linked to that book. For example:

Final Contact
Welcome To The Future

As you can see, currently those books are linked to a bunch of others, but none of them are linked back to mine. The interesting part is that some of the same books appear in each.

Spider bot and derelict city


Got a first pass at a cover for the next short in The Future universe, now I just need to finish the story. It’s been rolling around on my hard drive (ok, SSD) for the best part of a year, so hopefully this will be an incentive to get it done.

Currently just over 7,000 words and probably another 5,000 to go.

Edit: now 8,000 words.

This actually came about because of a 90% off deal on credits at 100 pictures for $99, and a further 10% discount if you use a WPEXPLORER coupon. So about $0.90 per image instead of the usual price.

Depositphotos deal

The link is still valid for a couple of days, so get it while you can.