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I noticed Steam has Fallout 3: New Vegas in its Halloween sale, so I booted up the Windows PC to buy it.

Then discovered I already own it.


When did that happen?

I must have bought it in the last sale and completely forgotten to play it.

Starts tomorrow. I’m going to write a new version of Horror Movie, and see if I can release it before Christmas. The original version will probably become Horror Movie 2: The Sequel.

Probably had about eighty kids at our door so far… slowed down a lot in the last half hour, the rain is probably putting them off!

In the meantime, I’m watching old Hammer horror movies.

Astronaut gone fishing

New, Improved Cover

The One That Got Away is back in its new, improved version. It’s about 800 words longer, with a new cover and blurb, and a Createspace version.


The e-book will be free on Friday and over the weekend, for Halloween.

Temperature dropped below -10C for the first time since the spring. At least there’s no snow yet.

1. Sold more than 50 books on Amazon.
2. Sold more than 25 books on Amazon in a single day.
3. Sold more than 50 copies of one book on Amazon.
4. Broke the 10,000 ranking on a single book (8.161 was the highest I saw, but Author Central claims it hit 7,437).

Fade To Grey at 8,161.

5. Broke the 500 ranking for science fiction authors (377 was the highest I saw).

Author Rank

6. Hit three subcategory top 100 lists simultaneously.

#17 in First Contact

7. Probably made more than $100, but I’ll have to wait until the sales numbers come in.

I need to write more :). Now I’m owed more than $100, I also need to get an IRS tax ID sorted out so I can actually have them pay me.

In honour of these breakthroughs, Petrina is free again this weekend.

I sold more than 25 books in one day for the first time, and Fade To Grey was up around rank 10,000 on for the first time. It probably went above 10,000, but I didn’t see it while it was there.

Nice to see when I got home from my day job.

Thanks to everyone who bought them, I hope you like them.

Fade To Grey is now out on Createspace, too:

Hoodie looking around a box

Playing hide and seek

Unfortunately he passed away this weekend. He seemed perfectly fine on Thursday, running around the house, then on Friday he was dragging one foot behind him, and this morning he was very poorly.

From what the vet said, it looks like the growth found in April suddenly caught up with him and was pressing on the nerves in his abdomen. He was still trying to follow his old routines, like walking over to his food bowl and leaning on it to check for good stuff, as though he didn’t realise his back feet weren’t working. I guess if the growth interfered with his nerves, he wouldn’t be able to tell.

I shall miss having him sitting on the sofa, washing, sleeping or just hanging out, while I’m writing.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so Fade To Grey should be free on Amazon for all three days.

Spider bot and derelict city


Phew, the first draft is finally done. I was rather shocked when I checked file dates and realised that I began writing it in March 2012, and I’ve taken nearly two years to finish a 15,000 word story. I’ve written more words of the story in the last two weeks than the previous eighteen months.

Anyway, I’ll be editing tomorrow and uploading next week. The plan is to make it free next weekend.

Edit: Uploading now, but it will need a final copy-edit before I can release it.