Another reason the new hotmail sucks

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Aside from wasting huge amounts of screen space compared to the old version and being a tabletised Windows 8 mess where they have to put text on the screen to tell you where to type because putting boxes around text fields is so old-fashioned, it also makes Firefox suck up 50% of the CPU on Ubuntu. I’d noticed the laptop was running hot and ‘top’ showed 50% CPU usage in Firefox, but no window seemed to be doing anything that would use up a lot of CPU, like playing animated ads. Eventually, after closing tab after tab, I closed the one to hotmail, and, lo, the CPU usage vanished.

I’ve no idea what the stupid site is doing, but just leaving the inbox window open seems to cause massive CPU usage. Fortunately I hardly use hotmail any more, so I can just open it when I have to, but it’s another example of the horrors of Windows 8.

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  1. michelle says:

    Yeah, innovation for innovation’s sake is a losing proposition. When you have something that has weathered the test of time and you suddenly replace it with something as crappy and childish as you are saying to your customers, we don’t care about you any longer. You can’t go back to the old interface (like yahoo offered) and the new interface is slow, hogs my CPU and browser and jumps all over the place making it a confusing mess. Oh ye, that transition effect when you send an email is cool, but I don’t need or want it. Even when they fix the bugs I won’t be staying around long enough to use it, email is email and should be quick, simple and effective – is none of those. Microsoft loses the plot yet again, first with developer platforms, Metro, runtime environment, dropping .Net and now with it’s core email users. Dunno what to think, but I’m going to google, after dropping Yahoo recently and now Hotmail. Bye bye microsoft. You are a dinosaur in a modern age and I won’t be inconvenienced by you.

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