Upgrading Subversion from 1.6 to 1.7 breaks externals (error W195017)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another issue I just ran into with Linux Mint 15 is the switch to version 1.7 of the Subversion source control system. It refuses to update existing 1.6 files, and you first have to do an ‘svn upgrade’ to upgrade them to 1.7.

But after you do that, any attempt to retrieve a file with an SVN external will result in a W195017 error complaining that the SVN external can’t overwrite a versioned file. Which is completely bogus.

Fetching external item into 'HTML/include/images/petrina-250.jpg':
svn: warning: W195017: The file external from 'svn://Stories/trunk/Covers/Petrina/petrina-250.jpg' cannot overwrite the existing versioned item at 'HTML/include/images/petrina-250.jpg'

Even deleting the old file doesn’t work. The svn update still complains even though the file isn’t there.

The only workaround I found is to convince svn that the file has been deleted by using ‘svn -r0 filename’ to revert it to revision 0. Then it will pull the SVN external on top of it.

$ svn up -r0 HTML/include/images/petrina-250.jpg
Updating 'include/images/petrina-250.jpg':
D include/images/petrina-250.jpg
Updated to revision 0.

But it’s a real pain for something that should just work out of the box.

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