Horror Movie

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Horror Movie has been sitting around 50,000 word for a while as I revise the first two thirds; I’ve cut out a few thousand words and the rest has expanded to fill the gaps as I’ve added more foreshadowing and subplots. I think it’s an improvement.

I’m about half-way through those revisions and then the plan is to get the complete second draft finished by the end of the month so I can tidy up the plot and then do some cleanup before uploading it next month.


  1. Look forward to reading it, my fellow horror brother. It sounds like you and I are at the same exact place with our books. Mine is about 52,000 right now. I’ve finally figured out the ending, and soon I’ll be going back to make cuts, changes, and expansions. Halloween is still well within my grasp. Here’s hoping the same for you. Since I’m getting a Nook Color for my bday tonight, I’ll need some scares!

  2. emg says:

    Good point, I hadn’t even thought about Halloween!

    I’ll have Tartarus up by then, but I’ll have to double my efforts to get Horror Movie ready too.

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