Alternative 3

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I finally watched this old British fake documentary from the 1970s, telling a story of the coming global catastrophe which had lead governments to build a base on Mars to sustain some members of the human race. It’s been a stable of wacky conspiracy theories for years, even though it was admitted as fake at the time.

I don’t remember seeing it on TV when first shown, it was probably too late in the evening for my parents to let me stay up to see it. I can see how the ‘low information’ viewers could well have been fooled. It looks like a real documentary of that era, and goes to some lengths to make the footage look real, but the use of actors rather spoiled it for me; I’m sure I’ve seen the lady in the first scene in other shows, and Shane Rimmer from Thunderbirds and other Gerry Anderson shows plays a major part as an Apollo astronaut who never existed. At least, in this one, he got Miss Norwich as his buxom blonde wife.

Not something I’d pay a lot of money for, but an interesting historical artefact for a few bucks from Amazon.

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