A118C Dash Cam

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bought one of these, too, to record some of the crazy stuff the local drivers do around town:

I-Max 1.5″ LCD A118C Dash Cam

It installs easily, using double-sided tape to attach the camera and cable cover to the windshield. It then looks like a pre-installed camera to anyone outside the car, but I still have to hide the wires. I’m going to run a USB cable down to the power socket and used a USB power adapter there, so I don’t have to remove the SD card to get video off the camera, I can just plug it into my laptop and read the files directly.

This is the capacitor model, so there are no worries about the battery wearing out, but it takes a few seconds to start up. It beeps and starts recording before I’ve put on my driving glasses and shifted into drive, so not a big deal. The only real downside is that it doesn’t support parking mode, if someone hits the car in a parking lot.

I installed a Sandisk Ultra 64GB SD card, even though the manufacture claims it only supports 32GB. It was a bit tricky, as the camera initially rejected the card, but when I found the Format option hidden away in the menus I formatted it in the camera and it’s working fine so far. I just haven’t verified that it rolls over and deletes old files when it gets full.

Video images are pretty good in daylight. I haven’t tried it at night yet.

Note that I took this image the first day I had the camera installed, before I realized there’s a protective plastic film over the lens. Removing that eliminated the slight blurriness in places on the image:

Driving along the road

Scaled down video frame capture

Next exercise after I complete the wiring will be figuring out how to install another one at the rear for the moronic tailgaters. There’s a power socket, but, since the camera is attached directly to the windshield, it will either be pointed too low down at the back, or on top of the heated glass elements. There is quite a lot of adjustment on the lens, but I’ve got some thinking to do there.

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