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Saturday, November 25, 2017

I have a story coming out in a new anthology tomorrow:


  1. Chris Rolfe says:

    Edward, Is it possible for you to put the first 3 books of your Dirk Beretta series on Kindle Unlimited? I am aware of Kindle’s exclusivity requirements. I am on a limited budget and cannot afford to purchase all the books I want. I just read too much (this year I read over 200 books). I do not have alot to do other than read. I am unable to do much at all because of an injury.
    Thank You
    Chris Rolfe

  2. emg says:

    Unfortunately I can’t put them in KU as they’re on various other sites, and it’s hard to pull them all down. But give me a day or two and I’ll email you copies that you can side-load onto a Kindle.

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