Saturday, October 22, 2011

Onto the last few tweaks to Tartarus, then I want to do a full read-through to copy-edit before uploading it.

Also, NaNoWriMo is coming up shortly so I’ll be adapting another of my old screenplays for that; it’s one that I never finished, so I have the start and end and some good ideas for what should go in between and hopefully it will work out. It’s really a war story, but the intention is to tell it in the form of a horror story.

Meanwhile, here’s a piece of writing advice I’m finding useful for revision, relating to the characters in the story, both major and minor:

They are each the hero of their own stories. They don’t know that they aren’t the main character and are only there to move the plot along.

I’ve forgotten where this came from: I think it’s James MacDonald, but I’m not entirely certain. However, it’s an important part of making the characters seem real, and useful for working out where the story should go. Each character should behave as though they are the most important character in the story from their viewpoint, not as someone who’s just there to provide plot for the major characters. Not only does that make them seem more real, it introduces more conflicts for the main characters to deal with.

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