Getting There

Tuesday, June 11, 1996

Hi! This is largely a test message to ensure that all this magic works. I’d be very embarrassed if I flew out of here before discovering that my software had some bugs. Consequently some of you may already have heard some of this. Oh and while I remember, some of you got the wrong instructions on how to unsubscribe – due to a Dumb Programmer Error the sign-on message said to send ‘subscribe’ to the list to unsubscribe… oops. The real instructions will be appended to the end of this message when you receive it.

Well, organisation is going OK but I’m having big problems selling my car. I had one person arrange to come to look at it on Saturday but not turn up and several more called while I was out and didn’t leave messages or call back. Oh well, my parents have offered to sell it for me if I can’t get rid of it by the weekend. I must say, I’ll be glad to get out of here and recover from all the stress of arranging to leave.

Directing My First Movie

Last night I saw the rushes of the movie (well, if you can call it that, it will only be about a minute long when edited) that I shot last weekend as part of the film course I’ve been taking. It was fine except for the police car siren in the background during one important piece of dialogue. I’m amazed that I didn’t notice the sound at the time, I must have been concentrating so hard on everything else that I missed it.

Sixty-four of us were taking the course and we made one film per pair. One member of each pair directed, the other operated the camera and the rest of the group rotated between the other jobs on the crew. I think ours was actually one of the better ones (he says modestly). It got quite a few laughs, and afterwards a few people told me that they liked it. At least it was in focus, unlike some.

We then returned to the studio for champagne and moved on to a Salsa club for an hour or so. I talked to a girl who works at the studio and wants to make the English equivalent of `El Mariachi’. She reckons we could do better for less, which with cheap or free equipment hire might be possible. Hmm, I wonder…

With all the movies and music videos being made over here this summer I wish I’d waited a few more weeks before leaving. Whatever happens I’ll be here for a few months in the New Year so I’ll have time to edit that movie and see if I can work on some others.

Whew, better get back to the organisation. I haven’t even worked out how I’m getting to the airport this weekend…

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