This is it…

Thursday, June 13, 1996

I keep wondering when the pink elephants are going to appear. After averaging about three hours sleep a night this week my brain is no longer terribly well connected to reality. At least I get an early night tonight – yay! My three-page TODO list is now down to one, and it mostly covers things like ‘buy films’ and ‘pack’. Only the ‘sell car’ line is looking unlikely. Still, if my parents can get $600 for it I’ll have about the amount of money I was expecting, and I can load up my credit cards in the last month or so if I have to.

The last of my tickets arrived today so I have almost everything sorted out on the travel front, I just need to find accommodation in those countries where I haven’t already organised it. I should be able to do that when I get there. I’ve been working out exactly what to take and packing it away. The first thing I threw out was the hulking great light for my video camera. As it weighs over three kilos and is the only thing I have which can’t be charged from 110V I’ll make do with the little one. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a zillion things – I can’t believe that I can live for six months with what I’ve packed.

This morning I finally risked opening up the attic and clearing out everything I had stored in there. Because no-one had been in there for a long time the cobwebs and giant spiders were like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. Then most of what I pulled out went straight into the rubbish bags, sigh I might as well have dumped it years ago but I wasn’t being as ruthless back then. Now I have to go to my ex-landlord’s funeral, shop, mail a few dozen change-of-address letters and do some work.

I’ll be sending personal mail to a few people in between finishing off the organisation and my last work project, otherwise this will probably be the last message before I get to Thailand. There are a couple of Internet Cafes in Bangkok so I should be able to get to one next week.

I still haven’t quite accepted the fact that I’m finally doing this. I’ve been so busy in the last few days that I haven’t had any time to sit down and think about it. I’m not sure I will until I get on the plane, which is probably lucky as there’s no way I can chicken out then. Ah well, in a few months I’ll probably be complaining that I don’t have much time left before I go back to work.

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