Sunday, June 30, 1996

This travel business is strange. I mean only a few days ago I was in Bangkok, then two flights later I’m back again and Singapore seems just like a dream. Soon I’ll be Hong Kong and I guess that Bangkok will seem just the same.

But then this whole trip feels quite strange. I first decided that I wanted to visit all these countries over ten years ago now, and back then I thought I’d do it between school and university. I never organised that, so all through university I thought I’d work for a year or so afterwards and then do it. Then of course every year my expenditure would approximate my income and I’d pull down the travel guides from my bookshelves, flip through them and think ‘well, maybe next year’.

Now here I am. After all that time I’m sitting in my hotel room writing this, drinking Sprite, munching on potato chips and doughnuts, and listening to the cleaners laughing while they put up the curtains that my room didn’t have last night. Geez, this place is like Grand Central Station at the moment…

Back to the point. For so long these places have just been marks on maps or photos in guide books and now I’m living in one. I’m two weeks into my trip, one country is just a memory and another will join it in a few days. Before too long it will be over and I’ll be back to work with nothing but a few photos and videotapes, souvenirs and memories to look back on. Time is very odd.

Still, I’m glad in some respects that it was delayed for so long. If I’d travelled before now I wouldn’t have been able to meet up with all my net.friends and see all these places from the local viewpoint. That’s certainly adding a nice touch to this trip.

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