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Saturday, June 9, 2012

So Tartarus is finally off to Createspace to be reviewed. What a pain that was.

Eventually I had to give up on uploading Word files and just export it to a PDF, which Createspace actually imported with all the relevant formatting.

For the cover, I used Gimp.

  1. Download the .PNG template from Createspace
  2. Create a transparent version of the template (create an a layer mask from the greyscale version of the image and then adjust levels).
  3. Put the transparent template as a layer above the background colour, then build the rest of the cover on top. That way you ensure that you won’t be putting anything where it shouldn’t go.
  4. Temporarily disable the template layer and export the image as a TIFF file.
  5. Use ‘tiff2pdf’ to convert the TIFF file to a 300DPI PDF file using zip compression. Then upload it.

Createspace cover. Remember to remove the template layer before uploading!

In a few days I should find out whether that actually works!


  1. Thanks for documenting all this stuff. It’s good know these things in advance–maybe I’ll be able to avoid some frustration…

  2. emg says:

    Yeah, I was hoping it would come in useful for other writers, and for me when I forget how I did it this time :). I should put together a single post covering the process from beginning to end.

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