Microsoft’s e-reader

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A comment I originally posted elsewhere about Microsoft’s Downfall:

Windows is a golden goose chained to Microsoft’s ankle. On the one hand, they’re rolling in money because almost everyone has some crusty old Windows software that they have to run so they need Windows to run it. On the other, they’re tied to millions of lines of old code that they have to maintain in order to keep those people coming back to buy the next version.

On a similar note to the e-reader mentioned here, in 2001 I was sitting a short distance from Bill Gates as he held out a tablet and told us that it was the future of computing. Everyone would be using these things so we’d better make sure our software ran on them.

What it was, of course, was a tablet running Windows. None of us could understand what he’d been smoking to think that people would run out to buy these things that required using Windows with a touch-screen, and they sank to a tiny niche where people did find good uses for them.

Steve Jobs was happy to throw out all the old code in order to build a tablet that was designed to be used with a touch screen, and the iPad was born. Microsoft are now rushing to catch up in the tablet market, but they’re still following the old methods; this time, instead of pushing a desktop UI onto a tablet, they’re pushing a tablet UI onto the desktop.

Worse than that, they can’t even use the ‘we’re cheaper than the competition’ ruse to get into the market this time, because Android has already taken that niche.

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