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  1. Kind Mr. Edward M. Grant,
    My name is Luca Oleastri and I’m the author of several illustrations that you have used as covers for your books such as:

    Death To Democracy (Dirk Beretta Book 2)
    Space Weasels (Dirk Beretta Book 1)
    Condemned (Death Planet Book 1)

    Thank you for choosing me as illustrator. I invite you to visit my official website:
    If you need a little more “custom” cover art in the future for your books please do not hesitate to write me.
    All the best and good writing,
    Luca Oleastri

  2. emg says:

    I think I may have used more of your stock images than just those three, as most of my SF cover images have come from your or one other guy!

    Thanks, I may take you up on the custom art in future.

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